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1. The inventor of Spongebob Square Pants

Oh, just to clarify, the idea of Big Brother came from a book by the same name which talked about the government watching us all the time, sort like in 'Enemy of the State'. The TV show by the same name with locked up people, the inventor of that should be killed. Never read the book, but I'm pretty sure the person who wrote it didn't want to sprout this spawn of television satan.

2. People who talk to me on instant messengers using "air quotes", what's up with that!?

3. The same people on instant messengers who have nothing better to do than take the piss

4. The above without instant messenger

5. Any film with Sean William Scott

6. Broadband companies that shut down when they bloody well feel like it (guess what just happened, guess I'll post later)

7. Movie Critics that put down good movies making people who liked the movie want to fit in and say they hate it

8. People who, after hearing the critics, say they hate movies they really like.

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