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((Admiral: Was that "magic portal" comment a subtle jab at me?

BD: The Aesir are Force-sensitive, remember?

Scar: Um, RH Irvine announced that he was going off on his own, remember?))

Marin: *to Hal* I can't copy a person's memories, just their DNA and life essence. I think if the Sith's mind takes over, the six of you with training would be able to restrain me pretty easily... I would need actual training to be able to pose a threat to you.

Misae: I think that was Hal's point. How are you going to control a mind as dark as that of a Sith? You can't comprehend the Dark Side of the Force until you've experienced it, and unless I'm mitaken you've never touched the Force in your life. All I can say is...your funeral.

Raschel: Uh, I just thought of another problem...if we're going to carry around little Force-blocking creatures, how are you going to disguise the fact that Aidan and I are clearly not human? I mean, he's got wings, a tail, long feet, and blue skin. I've got a snout, a tail, olive skin, and my hair isn't going to fit in this hood.

Misae: You can be the native creatures we've captured in the woods. I'm sure Heimdall's carrying around binders with your name on them anyway.

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