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Cracken Hideki Palpatine
Force Rank: Dark Lord of the Sith
Age: Mid fifties
Affiliation: Dark Side.

Strengths: Immense, pure raw power from his underlying hatred, and pride results in the strongest and deadliest displays and use of the Dark Side since Palpatine and Vader. Hatred for his foes, and of those whom desire to crush his Empire, or his family, can fuel him and give him the extra edge. out of all his family, and student, he's the strongest Force user of them all. This over arching power gives him enough versitility to keeps his opponesnts guessing, and on the defensive.

Also, his lightsaber combat is impecible. Using the lightfoil, and a weapon style that died when blasters came popular, he can disarm other Jedi or Sith in mear minutes, gaining a powerful advantage.

Now, since anotehr dimensional force is enhancing his powers, Cracken can now move at inhumane speeds, and enhances his already powerful array of Dark Side power to new and devestating limits.

Weakness: Ironically, the Dark Lord has a soft spot for his daughter. Proud of what she became during her abcense from him, and of what she is becoming as a Jedi, he cares very much for her well being. Starr also holds a spot of affection, as Cracken raised the boy from his early childhood to adult hood.

Also, Cracken can be overly arrogent. His pride sometimes gets in the way of his objectives, and can end up in devestating, and unpleasent results for himself and those around him. His enemies can seee this, and many time exploit it to get him out of the way, as he usually is the greatest threat.

Saber: a lightfoil, which the blade is red.
Alys'Shera Amoliyan Palpatine
Force Rank: Jedi Padawan
Age: 25
Affiliation: Both

Strengths: Alys strives for balance as she learns the Force. She knows the dangers of the Dark Side, and she knows the benifits of the light. As such, she has access to power from both sides, though because of her liniage, the Dark Side powers are usually stronger than the light side.
Before being brought back into the Palpatine fold, she lived a life that knew not of her family. As such, her force powers came out unexpectidly, and was thought of as extrodinary talent that Force ability. Speed was her advantage, and her reflexes made her an excellent shot with a blaster.

Since learning the Force, she can now accelerate beyond comprehension. She was much faster than her father before his "enhancements", and now would be about on par with him in terms of speed. Her reflexes are boarderline precognition, seemlessly always having her lightsaber in the right place, at thr right time.

Not knowing much of either side, many basic powers, such as healing, and lighting, are in her repetuoir, but not much else. Saber combat is ultimatly her arena with her speed and reflexes.

Weakness: Secretly, she's fallen for Starr Hailfire, and has a natural caring for her father. This love could be exploited against her.

Also, since she's not really apart of any side of teh Force, she's signifigantly less powerful in terms of powers than the rest of the gang, yet her speed more than makes up for it.

Saber:A standerd Jedi lightsaber, purple is the color of the blade.

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