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The whole nine yards of Nightlight

Weeellll... as everyone has no doubt gathered, Nightlight is a tad bit crippled at the moment, due to the problems on the mixnmojo server. It will be back. I don't know when. And a complete rebuild is going to take place, when it does come back. Metallus will be giving me a hand with that, so hopefully Nightlight will be a little more advanced then 'hey, look what I knocked up with zero knowledge and frontpage!'

Beneath Monkey Island part two is currently going through script rewrites, and I'm sorry to say that any part that Stan the Salesman was going to play in it is being cut. I can't find a person to play him, and it'll be easier this way. The good news is, there'll hopefully be an appearance by Carla sometime in BMI (and it'll be interesting to see what Carl's reaction to her is)

I've got a psychology exam in a week's time, and spent the morning photocopying half my textbook. Still homeless, which pretty much sucks. I was thrown out of centrelink by security for arguing the finer points of independence with the desk clerk and why I should get youth allowance. Perhaps pulling out a copy of the American Declaration of Independence and reading it loudly was going a step too far...

As you imagine, personal problems are slowing down Nightlight activities. Sorry.

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