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Stan the Man

I knew that was what Stanley looked like... except, to me, Number Two will always be a cartoon. For example, Stanley doesn't sound like Number Two... (Although I bet he goes around annoying people with that voice)... so, I'd assume he wouldn't look exactly like Number Two.

As to Tomas Encion, he's a good character. I always thought he had some good lines... the Barrier of Trust thing and the "Isla Calavera-era-ela" thing. (No, Isla cala-veera-meera. Isla cala-fo-bah-de-ra?) Plus, he plays off of Number Two well. So does Darth Vapour (I'll spell it the continental way). The thing I like about Vapour is that he's this kind of rediculous blowhard of a villain, and Number Two is always kind of pushing him until some force-choking comes into play. Miguel is also a good character and Lawrence did a good job with the Mexican voice.

What I don't understand is the fawning over Le Parka. He didn't get that many good lines...

Oh, and who did the voice of DeCazador in Tierra? Lawrence?

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