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no, that's not what i look like at all.

oh, yeah- and for the weight thingy, there's a 5 pound margin either way. and on the height there'll be a 1/2 inch margin as well, i guess.

and i'll tell you how many answers you got right just now, andy:

you were really close on one (guess which one: how 'bout either height or weight), so i'd count it. you got another one right, another, and another, you got 4 correct total.

how about this: i'll give you a little logic thingymabobber:

1. andy got #9 right, along with 3 others.

2. one of the other ones she recieved right was 1 unit off of the margin (we will call this "answer x")

3. the answer beneath "answer x" is one that is correct as well.

4. the answer above "answer x" could confuse some yung'ns.

5. answer "y" is two spaces above an answer that has a margin.

6. i can't think of any other clues, so that's it for now.

good luck! hope that didn't confuse you! you've got until june 25, so that's plenty of time to mull. mulling. do a lot of mulling. if you have to mull, go ahead and mull by doing some mulling.
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