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Matthew (8 of 12) where the zebra are you!??

To people who aren't interested, sorry to post this here. But it needs to be said. I'm trying every way possible.

Matt, where the hell are you!? You didn't come back last night, you aren't answering your mobile, I haven't seen or heard from you. If you come on this forum and see this, please just call to let me know you're okay, at least.

Or if anyone has heard from him, let me know please. I'm worried.

Serabi: You know, I’m really beginning to see the merit at having no narrator around. I mean, so far, you haven’t said anything overly helpful. What is it now? My brother’s bodyguard happened to witness our little performance? The Nile is going to flood a little early this year drowning out this entire field?

Number 2: Errr… Mr. Serabi? You remember that Apis Bull that we frightened? Well he’s right next to us and I hate to say this, but… (gulp) he looks angry.
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