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((BD: lol, well actually I think it was last mentioned when ysalamiri were used to help keep Odin contained in C6))

Marin: *to Hal* I'm sorry, I never explained...the way my morphing power works, if I don't demorph in two hours I'm stuck in the alternate form forever. From what I know of Force-sensitives and Jedi, you need more than two hours to turn to the Dark Side. But, if the Sith's mind took over, but I could be restrained and my mind allowed to regain control again, I could demorph and have no remaining problems.

Raschel: *to Heimdall* No, that isn't the point...I've never seen another K'Beran in the galaxy, and in fact I think they're extinct. And whatever Aidan is, I've never seen that before either.

Aidan: I'm a gargoyle, thanks very much.

Raschel: But my point is, wouldn't they, um, figure that out pretty quickly?

Aidan: I guess not. But if you want to let these people lock you up go ahead. Me, no way.

Misae: All I have to say is what Orthos said...

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