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Originally posted by MeddlingMonk
Just as well, cutting Stan. Sure, Monkey Island anything without Stan is a little weird, but then I wasn't to sure about that scene anyway. But that's a big chunk of the episode gone. Any chance of flinging the revision my way sometime so I can tear it to shreds?
I thought you'd like the news that the scene had been cut. The idea of 'previously owned life insurance' didn't exactly sit well with you, I know.

And yes, that's a big chunk of episode two cut out that needs to be filled. I'm still thinking. But I've got a major psychology exam on Thursday, and that's taking most of my time, studying for that.

TRYING to study for that.

TELLING myself I'm studying for it, and being distracted by other things.

Okay, okay, maybe not all that much studying is going on at the moment.

I've been distracted by script writing, okay!?

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