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Davin: *Snaps the M79 back at John* "Now I gotta reason to kill you... If you're not a forgotten, you sure would like act like one of 'em..."

*davin pulls from his pocket his earpiece, and puts it on.*

Jessica: *on other end* "Who kill them! Who killed those police!? what'd they do, they were just doing their jobs! It was him wasn't it! That monster!"

Davin: "Jes, don' worry about it." *to Foley and xander.* "You two get out of here, let me take care of the trash..."

Jessica: *overheard* "You nuts? you're still hurt!"

Davin: "Someone's contacting this guy like you'd to me. Find 'em."

((Obviously no one can hear Jessica on the radio ^_^))

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