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((Probably not, Scar ))

*No more voices speak. The room is silent, but the figures in Taarnt's vision still walk around aimlessly*

*Kvana tries not to laugh* Taarnt, what you are seeing are the souls of the ancients who guard this place. The Vener are unseeable, formless beings; they are not actually here. And well...they aren't here now at all. In any sense. *looks down at the spot where he'd placed the ruby sword* I spent alot on that thing, too. You, Taarnt, are lucky I'm in good humor today.

*He walks to the cave entrance, then pauses and turns back* Oh, and incidentally...if you want our attention, you can come back in a few thousand years...or when you've proven yourself. You have chosen the path of a vampire, and now you must walk it. *Kvana leaves. As he does, he telepathically speaks to Vertmor, guarding the thoughts from Taarnt's mind* <I shall have to visit the Vener after a time has passed. It is no good to speak to them now. As for Taarnt...we'll see if he really can "prove himself".>


*K'Warra sniffs* Probably just wild boars. That's what they smell like anyway...

Elizabeth: You're sniffing for wild animals?

K'Warra: No. I'm trying to pick up a scent trail. Someone's been here recently that I need to follow.

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