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Name: Irvine Cracken Cracern (insane fused)

Age: Aged to somewhere in mid thirties

Force Rank: Disiple (JKI levels)

Affilation: Dark

Advantages: He is able to out-preform in all force abilites that is available in his 'aresenal' (()). He has created from the blue rather unique force abilties, which seem almost unheard of with the force. Most of these abilites would require someone with a higher midicholron count in their body, however he seems to use them finely with his already doubled amount. The fact taht he has two conflicting 'entities' with in him he is unpredictable, for him being a completey separate being himself, his consciousness is impossible to even put into any form of reason. He is able to use both sides of the force, with the double the normal amount that even the oringal Irvine has...

Negitives: Due to the appearent feel of having so much power, he seems to care less about reasons, more chaos then anything. He is unable to create destructive balls of dark energy, while also not being able to absorb force energy.

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