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((Okay fine then...))

*The person whom Flax believes to be Fused Irvine stands facing away from him. Moments later the force signature of Fused Irvine strangely dissappates as the person falls to the ground.

It was a dead Jedi, whom had been struck with force lightning so powerful, it not only froze the Jedi's muscles, but left a force imprint in the dead Jedi's body.

Fused Irvine was long gone, and becuase he was consealing his presence, he couldn't be felt anywhere... Only but the weakend presence of Irvine Palpatine can be felt now.*

[moments before]

Jedi: *to an approching Fused Irvine* "You killed all of those Jedi! What kind of person are you!?"

*The Jedi pulls out his lightsaber, which in turn gets force pulled from his hands, and into Fused Irvine's*

Fused Irvine: "Nice craftsmenship. Oh, by the way. We are the type of person who doesn't care who's dark or light. It's just that you're the first ones that are available..."

*Fused Irvine steps closer, which the Jedi causiously backs away a little bit.

Fused Irvine then grins at the moment, and extends his hand. Then makes a honest smile. The Jedi is also causious, however Fused Irvine takes the Jedi's Lightsaber, and offers to return it.

Then the Jedi becomes foolish and goes to shake the hand, which in turn is given the emence surge of force lightning, all at the same time, Fused Irvine is laughing.

After he is satisfied, Fused Irvine let's go, and laughs as the poor pathetic being's corpse is still standing...

Fused Irvine conseals his presence and leaves the area.*

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