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ok, yeah, andy wins, with a score of 4 correct, out of only two participants

andy scored more than four, because there were actually 36 points to be won.

andy scored like this:
(correct incorrect)

1. mousy brown hair: 2 points
2. green eyes: 0 points
3. you wear flight goggles everywhere: 0 points
4. you are 5'6" and 3/4, so: 2 points
5. you've been trying hard not to refer to you stature at all: 0 points
6. you weigh 120 pounds: 2 points (the margin)
7. you have never given a damn about anything: 3 points
8. you do not like to wear shirts: 0 points
9. you favor khaki shorts: 3 points
10. you like black jeans but boy are they ugly. get some new ones: 2 points (i hate black jeans, but i do think they're ugly, so she gets 2 points)
11. *blah blah blah* guy: 3 points
12. 5?: 0 points

giving her a total score of (surprisingly): 17 points out of 36, which is pathetically low, but how is she supposed to know anything about me?

okay, roytordeslegends' score was as follows:

1. modern punk messy two colour: 0 points
2. albino: 0 points
3. both: 0 points
4. 4'11": 0 points
5. scary: 0 points
6. 7st: 0 points
7. too cool to label yourself: 0 points
8. The one that started off white, but after too many parties is now gree/brown/red beer/pizza colour: 0 points
9. *see t-shirt*: 0 points
10. ripped bleached jeans, like an '80s throwback i hate the 80s: -1 point
11. neuter : -3 points
12. 56: -3 points

giving him a very high finishing score of -7 points total. good job.

so, andy gets the twenty credits. good job, andy
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