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((OOS: Who's one of the idiots from XWAU? And hey, be nice, I used to go there

Sorry for not replying, I am a dumbass ^^;;))


Gilian: Destroying them is too risky, Starkiller...besides, these books aren't active anymore. The ones we're looking for are elsewhere...

*She opens the door. A turbolift is at the end of the room*

Gilian: *setting the turbolift to take them to the top* Let's go.

Hopefully Kvana is still there...


Ulna Shardes

Aren: Of course, Kioet, unless you'd rather it didn't...

Farran: The point?

Aren: We want to hire the unique talents of the three of you. We have a need for rendered that we believe you can help us with. You will all be well compensated.

Farran: You think money is really that tempting to people like us?

Aren: We can pay in so much more than money...

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