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OOC: Yeah if I'm wrong, let's all just imagine it's a big Ryyk Blade .

The aggressive rodian quickly snapped out of his frozen state. He then drew a blaster from behind his back at aimed it at the zabrak’s head. [I]Well he’s either brave and skilled… or just plain stupid[I], the mysterious zabrak thought to himself. The rodian spit in front of himself in the direction of the Zabrak. The zabrak grinned. The two humans, who had just recently come back to reality, began laughing to themselves quietly as the rodian made the offensive gesture. “What are you two laughing at?” demanded the rodian to the two humans. The two humans shut up and took a step back, scared that the rodian may become once again aggressive towards them. But the rodian had a much better opponent than the two weak humans.

OOC: Also i think we need some names too... I'm not very creative in my sentence structure...

pow pow pow pow pow

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