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1. my hair color
2. my eye color
3. do i wear glasses and/or contacts?
contacts, that actually where glasses in earlier life.
4. my height
6 feet under.
5. do i call myself short or tall?
HE isnt LONG but therefore TINY.
6. my weight
doubles per day
7. do i call myself fat, skinny, or do i not give a damn?
head and feets skinny, body FAAAADDDDD.
8. (not really what i look like, but still an appearance thing, i guess) what color [shirt] do i like to wear the most?
white like your skin. (so nobody would recog. if you wear none)
9. what color [shorts] do i wear the most?
10. what color [jeans] do i wear the most (if you answer blue, specify dark blue or light blue)?
11. what is my gender (this is an automatic point for most of you)?
12. what is my age as of tomorrow? (today is june 17, how old will i be?)
i wont tell you.

so.. each answer is right .. but i dont know if the questions are..

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