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If U are so smart Johnny boy, so tell me why this script don't work in JK2 since in Q3 work:

set demfastf "timescale 2; bind rightarrow vstr demsuperff"
set demsuperff "timescale 10; bind rightarrow vstr demfastf"
set demslowmo "timescale 0.5; bind rightarrow vstr demfastf"
set dempause "timescale 0.3; bind rightarrow vstr demfastf"
set demnormal "timescale 1; bind rightarrow vstr demfastf"
timescale "1"
bind rightarrow "demfastf"
bind uparrow "demnormal"
bind downarrow "dempause"
bind leftarrow "demslowmo"
set startavi "cl_avidemo 25; bind kp_uparrow vstr stopavi"
set stopavi "cl_avidemo 0; bind kp_uparrow vstr startavi"
vstr stopavi
set r_mode "3"
set cg_drawfps "0"
set cg_fov "90"
//set cg_draw2d "0"
set cg_drawgun "0"
set s_initsound "0"

I was recording demos in q3 on this script and i can rewind demo in both ways. JK2 is little strange I think :| This is on q3 engine or not?!

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