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((BD you are obviously ignoring me. If I stated taht he wasnt there and was hiding, that means that I'm choosing not to play that character for the time being.

Nest time I WILL ignore any such posts that you are attempting to 'interact' with any of my characters...))

Fused Irvine "Because, we have untapped power. Untapped poetental, however there is a part of us that still resists..." *voice changes to a much darker with a slight growl* "...the darkness..." *voice changes to normal, if there was one...* "If I had killed someone who you cared, I'm sorry, she asked for the fight."

*Fused Irvine turns around to face Flax.*

Fused Irvine "Notice our face, it is not that of one whom is dark, we could choose to live our life not for this face to change, but that power will not be tapped. But we desire to find our full poetental, to find our biological limit, and break it! The force is known to be boundless, I, we desire to find out if it truely is, if possible! But that is only but a small part the final goal... First some curtain individuals must die." *Turns back around.* "I bid you farewell..."

*Fused Irvine, with a combination with force speed and jump, asends rapidly into the air, and vanishes...*



*Irvine sleeps in his 'assigned' quarters. Strangely he recieves a strange premonition, of what may to come...*

*On a high platform, in the city in the clouds. Rain pours on the city, and on that platform stands two people...*

*The two stand before each other, wind blowing their hair as rain pours down upon them. Their sabers at their sides, both tired from an almost unending battle agenst each other, a complete stalemate...*

Fused Irvine *holding out hand* "This is useless join me brother! I know you so well, you want, no crave the raw power and highest poetental of the force can weild! Take my hand and we'll be one!"

Dark Irvine *Firm voice* "Me? Join you? You are nothing! You're words carry no meaning!" *softer more grim voice, which turn more angry* "You are nothing but a whim of an echo, a shadow.. of... me! How dare you try and justify you're rightiousness with you're pety attempts to gain power!" *voice fulled with anger starting to become slighty distorted with darkness fulling him.* "You're life if nothing compared to mine! I am a Sith!"

*As Dark Irvine spoke those last words he face instantly became more brused and warped, he was beginning to walk that downward spirl which was his dark destiny.*

*Irvine springs from his bed, in a slight panic, he doesn't speak, but remains in a slight shock...*

Irvine 'What the hell, I don't understand... What meaning did that have... It must have,... No it couldn't...'

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