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Readme files...?

Not to be pissy or anything, but the Readme file that I included in the map download addresses all of the problems you're pointing out, the "visible" lighting, the weapon textures etc. Should I have posted it's contents here maybe? I was under the impression that most people read them (even if I didn't either ^^;;;;
Part of the reason that they've been left out of the release is the reason that I'm still learning all of this as I go - I've only started learning the volumetric light thingy and other "advanced" or ("standard" techniques depending on your expected expertise).

Chandelier? ugh - unless I were to make some ornate alpha texture and god only knows what else, I was gonna quietly skip that part of the map for the sake of size/compiling stability/current mapping ability ^^;;;;;;;;;;

As far as the scaling goes, i've only had so many screenshots to go off of, and I've had ...artistic issues with the way the scaling is in JK2 - some sections seem cramped, others like the staircase seem too large. My only defense is this screenshot, which (IMO) isnt' too far off from where I have it - at least in the sense that it's not your most average room with average banisters

and the door is also closer to scale with the other screen that I have:

Angle or not the door is at least taking up half that wallspace and the Merilvingion is too close to argue about foreshortening.

As far as the "yellow" part of the Chateau, it's hard to gain that kind of atmosphere with the current texture set (this is also being reworked/made more consistent), at least the non-greenstuff. I wanted to keep away from yellow lighting, because as you know inside the Matrix there is constantly that green ambiance, which I've wanted to hold true in this release.
I am having some trouble in working in the worldspawn/ambient light thing - it doesn't seem to be holding any color value I add. The correct value is the same for any other light source no? _color and a 3 digit RGB value? The tute I'm using is from - I got this link from Eldritches current banner/site thingy, thank you for putting it there it by the way Eldritch, it has already become an invaluble resource.

I thank you all for your continuing criticism, it is forcing me to release a better product, which is always the ideal goal of any developer. Please keep it coming, even if it is arguably repetitive. If I didn't want to be reamed/picked upon. I wouldn't have posted it here ^^v

and then afterwards, you say
"what a wonderful tea party"
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