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((BD does have a point, Scar, even if he stated it at a weird time. There's probably less than 200 Jedi around at the moment.

JM: Gotcha, and good luck

Oh and FYI; I'm stalling a little at the moment with Gilian, etc, to wait for Deac to get back. Feel free to add random other material ))

Gilian: Better.

*She walks towards the door on the other side of the room, calmly staking the remaining, stunned vampires in the room as she passes*


Aren: You don't need to believe us. You can see it for yourself in a week. *to Farran and Artemis* As for your two, we can provide the same if you want. But I'm guessing you'll want more than weapons. We can give you new lives, wherever you want. In this galaxy or in your home galaxy, or wherever we are capable of taking you. We can offer you the best protection to be found in either galaxy.

Farran: And what, pray tell, are you going to require of us in turn?

Aren: Only a few small services.

Farran: Regarding?

Aren: Specifically? The Blades, the Imperials, and the Aesir of this dimension.

Farran: *under his breath* Now why am I not surprised? *aloud* I don't know anyone called an Aesir.

Aren: Really? We have it on good authority that they have had considerable contact with you.

Farran: Really.

Aren: We believe it was Aesir who threatened to kill you, who made contact with you on Ulna Shardes and asked you for information on the Blades.

Farran: I'm impressed that you know all this. So how long have you been tracking me?

Aren: For a long time, actually. However we didn't have any confirmation that you were who we thought you were, until the Executioners came looking...

Farran: I didn't see you offering to help me then.

Aren: We were certain a former Blade of your caliber could handle himself.

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