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Why is it OK to criticize religion (i.e. Christianity)?

Before any of this begins, I'd like to try and keep things rational in this post, if you would please...

With that said:

As I browsed the boards this evening, I find a very interesting double standard: Non-Christians harass Christians about not being accepting, but then they try their very hardest to debunk Christianity.
Why is this the case? We (yes, we) as Christians believe in the Bible as the absolute law... why do you not accept this?
In a below post regarding homosexuality, people are being torn up for disagreeing and using the Bible as cause for the disagreement. Homosexuals aren't riddiculed for being what they are... but Christians are.

You beg us, please be accepting of others thoughts and ideas... I beg you, please respect our beliefs, and don't assume that we are close-minded biggots simply because of our beliefs, it is simply that some of us do not compromise values that we hold important to us.
[Let me elaborate on the last sentance: I don't say that you don't, I'm not implying anything, just stating one of the bases of Christian beliefs]

Thank you

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