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I dont bash Christianity since on paper i AM Christian. But I dont fallow any of it.

Christianity is fine if its peacefull. However the problem some of us have with this religious is that its too dominative in North America. The Pope doesnt allow people to use anti-contreceptive pills, why not? Christianity has abused power for a long time. Notablity in Québec during colonisation of North America. The French Canadians (like me) were often opressed. Told what do to. Who to see. etc. telling people to get more children or be shuned by the community and forced out of the church.

The main idea is a great idea. just like budism and every other religion. Love. Peace. Acceptance.

However when it gets to the core its just as corrupted as modern corporations and politics. They force a lot of opinions on people. When the Supreme court in the States overrulled the anti-gay sex in Texas and a few other states, Priests and religious fallowers prayed and protested at the courts. Why? Because they feel they must inforce the code of the Bible on others that are not part of the religion.

Then a vast majority have the nerve to say at other religious what they are doing is wrong. Attacking jews, muslims, etc for thier difference in opinions. Attacking the Jehovah's' Witnesses because they are too "hard core fanatics". Saying the the fact that muslims fallow their religion to the core of acting out jihad when the Catholic church had crusades that murdered thousands.

speaking of which. in the bible it says no sin can be pardoned. Then why did the pope, which is supposed to represent God, send murderers, thieves and rapists to the Crusades with promisses that if they are victors, all sins will be forgiven and a spot in heaven will be kept for them?

Its not that we are attacking DIRECTLY Chatholics all the time. It might seem that way to you because this is the strongest religion in the States, especially in the Southern States.

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