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I can only speak for myself, but since I've been accused in the past of "bashing" christianity, I can tell you that I generally have sincere respect for other cultures and religions (christian or otherwise). In fact, I find many of them extremely fascinating.

Here, in this forum, however, christianity often gets thrown out like a wild card in a poker game. What I mean is, whenever a serious topic comes up about "homosexuality," "the death penalty," "genetics," or philosphy in general, someone always seems to subvert or hijack the discussion to relate it to a narrow measure of christian values.

Christianity is by no means the only faith in the world and is only viewed as valid by christians.

One can only be willing to humor this phenomena for so long before it becomes readily apparent that the only way to continue the discussion is to oppose this viewpoint along with others.

Also, this is a branch of the LucasForums where serious discussion is encouraged, and, thus, draws the more intellectual and philosophical of LF along with the theological.

In many of the circles I move in during my day-to-day life, there are friends and associates who are religious (most christian, some muslim and hindi). However, there are also many circles I associate with that the members are typically more intellectual and less religious. Most scientists and budding scientist friends of mine are agnostic, as am I.

Again, speaking for myself, I usually don't initiate any controversy with regard to religion (unless it's April first), but I am more than willing to respond to a post that cites a religious point where I disagree. This is because, from my perspective, there is a certain measure of hypocrisy associated with christianity. It seems a bit pompus to go about life attempting to change others to fit your belief system while proclaiming their own invalid. I'm not trying to suggest that you, personally do this, but this is the business of most religions, not just christianity.

Now I realize that most christians who read this post will immediately think to say, "but agnostic, scientist types also try to impose their beliefs upon others." I cannot deny that I wish everyone would believe in the value of critical thinking and skeptical reasoning with regard to life, education, and things spiritual. But there is a difference in that the agnostic approach is always open to improvement on the way we view life and its history. There are no certainties, no evidence is 100% convincing, and everyone is welcome to a hypothesis as long as they're willing to have it ruthlessly scrutinized.

By engaging in conversation with one such person, you unwittingly agree to this. Don't take it personal. Your ideas might be ruthlessly examined ('attacked' if you will), but if anyone attacks you directly, let me or C'jais know. It's likely that we'll catch it, though.

So.... did that answer your question? At least partially?

One last thing... there is a thread that was moved here from the Swamp in which you will note some very personal attacks. One person was banned, another warned (both should have been banned or neither, but that was taken care of elswhere). Their comments still stand, however, as an example of what not to do. Those comments are also very telling of both of their characters.

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