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Ok, if the topics I address below seem vague, I'm sorry, but I don't like to quote people, that tends to open up meticulous nitpickings of grammar usage and the like, and can sometimes fully destroy a point.

I'm afraid I have to disagree to an extent about the core of Christianity being compassion and acceptance. Don't get me wrong, both very important things, but the focus behind Christianity is to love and worship the Creator our God, and be redeemed from our sins through Jesus Christ. **Sorry, I understand many are rolling eyes right now, but as that is the main focus, I feel that it should be elaborated upon**

Skinwalker, I agree with you fully about wishing everyone would take an open-minded stance on things. I personally feel that if you should have to follow it blindly, then that truly is whistling in the dark. However, by scientific means (and other, less concrete means) I have personally concluded that there is an Intelligent Creator, and so on from there.

I wish people could and would evaluate their faith, if they claim to be Christians, because if there really is a God, then there should be enough evidence to prove that to yourself.

I understand that people, when they think of Christians, think of worldly establishments that try to interpret the Bible and make masses follow their interpretations, i.e. the Catholic Church. While that might be the largest sect of Christianity, it is not the definitive, which is why I believe many terrible things were done in the name of the church and of God, such as the Crusades. That was a blatent misuse of power, but I can't understand why that is chosen to depict Christianity in general, of its shortcomings.

Skinwalker, I also agree about the arrogance of some, but I truly have to stress, the points hammered are often represented by people who don't truly represent Christ, just as you don't judge a race by one person, or even a group of people.

I understand the 'wildcard' remark, but it stands that people who have Christian beliefs let it influence all their lives, that's part of it. Again, I concede that the Bible is only valid by Christians, but that's where it is justified from for us. I also agree that it is a pity that members of other religions, such as Hindi or Muslim, don't get the chance for whatever reason to express their beliefs here, I believe that would give more perspective, and also take pressure off Christianity being the only non-fully tangible source.
Again, I have to reiterate that even in an intelligent debate, theology will have to play in somewhere, so long as there is someone who can put it out there, and can support it.

About the technicalities of my term 'bashing', I simply meant the unwillingness to accept it under any circumstance, regarding it as complete nonsense, merely because it is theology, and the many repeated attempts to show the flaws therein.
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