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Your post was well said.

Originally posted by mr116
About the technicalities of my term 'bashing', I simply meant the unwillingness to accept it under any circumstance, regarding it as complete nonsense, merely because it is theology, and the many repeated attempts to show the flaws therein.
Actually, I prefer a different reason as to the unwillingness to accept mainstream religion: the inability to test it.

I've been involved, lately, in educating myself about some of the more interesting research of late regarding the brain. There is much going on that is finding reasons for various syndromes such as senseasthesia (my spelling on this term is likely incorrect), mental illnesses, and various conditions brought on by injury or stroke.

In doing the research, the researchers could easily have chalked up some of the whys to God. In their perspectives, however, god is an untestable hypothesis, so they throw it out and look at other hypotheses. And its in this that they find answers that allow for further discovery.

I don't discount the influence of god, I just don't apply a very high probability to it as it goes against common sense. That sense, of course, isn't common among believers.

My interest in the brain and consciousness, by the way, is part of a paper I'm attempting to write on Why People Belive. Not just in religion, but UFOs, parapsychology, divination, astrology, and a host of other unsubstantiated ideas. From my perspective, I see little difference when comparing theology to astrology. Both, for instance, depend upon unverifiable documents that guide the practitioner. I see the differences, but the similarities that I see are significant.

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