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Question: TheJackal when you say catholics are you referring to the whole of christianty or just the Catholics?

Where do i begin. Well yes it does seem that Christians are getting a fair bit of stick. From some of the arguements i've finally had the chance to read in the anti-homosexual thread it is well deserved critism in places!

I think the main proble however is that some Christians (This applies to ALL other organised religions as well) are not prepared to sit and think through why they follow their repective bibles. Some are blindly following with out questioning! This IS ALWAYS DANGEROUS!!!! Why because it allows the blind followers to be mislead by the preachers and religious leaders instead of thinking for themselves and self-intrepreing the bible and doing as they believe is correct.

I bet now you would like to know my faith. Well I do not follow the organised religions any more I turn my back on them years ago. Why because everyone of them without exception (as far as i know) are corupted one way or another. I do believe in a surpreme power, God as you will. But the way I see it as it is easier to thing of the surpreme power as a "force" but i call it the universe, that binds everything together and is beyond such a thing as good or evil. I do follow a majority of Christian values and morals as well. Anyway I digess to much.

So basically all those Christians out there that believe they are being unfairly attacked your not its just that people are "asking" why do you believe that. My advice is to answer their question.

Yes I have edited it Note to posters i may be a good idea to not post arguement when sleepy!!!!!!!

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