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Originally posted by obi-wan13
Well excuse me for breathing, mr. perfect. How dare you. How dare you come here and tell me christians are ignorant and naive. Do you have any idea how smart I am? I'm sure you don't, do don't you dare mock me for being a christian.

This is exactly why I am leaving the senate chambers. You call us christians hypocrits, yet everyone here believes in stating opinions and not bashing someone for having an opinion, yet in almost every instance, christians get bashed by these SAME people simply because they are christian. You sir, tell me who is the hypocrit.

If you are going to announce how intelligent you are then please learn how to spell hypocrite, and fiancee.

* attacking someone's spelling/typing amounts to nothing more than an ad hominim attack, which is against the rules. not to mention that this type of post is off-topic an pointless to the discussion. --- Skin

* Well if he is going to boast about how intelligent he is, he might aswell spell correctly, I mean were Charles Darwin's books full of spelling mistakes? I personally think when he says look how clever I am, that he should be able to spell simple words, so this was undermining his argument which has to do with the thread of how clever he is --- Murphy

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