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Originally posted by obi-wan13
Well excuse me for breathing, mr. perfect. How dare you. How dare you come here and tell me christians are ignorant and naive. Do you have any idea how smart I am? I'm sure you don't, do don't you dare mock me for being a christian.

This is exactly why I am leaving the senate chambers. You call us christians hypocrits, yet everyone here believes in stating opinions and not bashing someone for having an opinion, yet in almost every instance, christians get bashed by these SAME people simply because they are christian. You sir, tell me who is the hypocrit.
How dare I? I dare.

I suppose I'm to be intimidated and humbled by your delusional 'righteous wrath', yes? I don't know how smart you are, but I have a pretty good idea of how smart you aren't.

I'm not bashing you for your oppinions, I'm bashing you for your na´ve weakness. My only hypocrisy is existing.

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