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Nickname: Vicious
Real name: Unknown
Age: 28
Location: Nar Shadda
Race: Human
Gender: Male

He was born in the crime-filled, mob ruled city of Nar Shadda. His parents were drunkards so Vicious turned to the streets where he got invoved with gangs. As he grew older, his skills increased. He worked as a smuggler, pirate and hitman .Once time he was sent out on a mission to kill a Dark jedi. Vicious followed him into an alley but the Sith new all along that he was chased after, when Vicious fired at him the Dark Jedi quickly raised his saber and deflected the bolt into Vicious' shoulder causing minor injuries because he had some armor there. Then the Sith took Vicious into a choke hold but then he realized that Vicious was force sensitive and he could be trained into a mighty warrior. So the dark jedi offered to train Vicious even tought he wasn't even a Master. Vicious agreed and for some years the Jedi tought Vicious the ways of the force. But he got tired of a life of an apprentice and wanted to travel the Galaxy and do some other things. So one day when the Sith wasn't anticipating it Vicious killed him with his katana (which he learned to use by combat implants in his head). Shen the Jedi was killed Vicious took his valuables and lightsaber and fleed on his master's X-Wing fighter .
He wen't back to Nar Shadda to get two of his closest friends and they three formed a powerful Bounty Hunting group.

Vicious' weapons : A one-bladed red lightsaber stolen from his former master .He soon got a second one from a jedi he killed .

A pistol hand-made out of an E-11 Imperial Blaster Rifle .

One of Vicicous' bounty hunting comrades :
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