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Originally posted by Darth Murphy
Thats up to debate whether we are in his image, and that tree of knowledge is aload of crap, my theory as God is only escathologically verifiable so we don't know squat about God, and I don't think the divine would give a toss what you think. (I mean did you create the universe?)
Wow, this is filled with things to pick apart.

Foremost, I was abusing their case for argument, not arguing my case.

That we are created in his image and ate of the Tree of Knowledge is clearly stated; it's actually one of the centerpoints in Christianity, original sin.

If we know squat about God, then the Word of the bible is not to be trusted, yes?

I had to create the Universe for the divine to giving a toss about my thoughts? So, does or doesn't God judge on us our thoughts as well as our actions? Is speaking with God futile?

I'm sure the Christians will have a field day about this, thanks Murphy

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