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Originally posted by daring dueler
some of the most rare or expensive figures are

vinal cape vintage jawa
vintage ananaman
vintage boba fett exclusive rocket fire on rotj card that sadly never made it past prototype, but a few of those are floating around
toy fair 2002 vader
celebration 2 cammander jorg sacul(an x wing piulot made in george lucas's image)
vintage imperial dignitary
potf boba fett green card with slide
vintage barada is kinda rare
vintage yak face

also some ships like ythe y wing,skiff,and shuttle are rare.

i think that some only a few of the modern saga carded will be rare, i think probly some of the hard to find ones now, such as beardles soldier will go up, or the just released conventio silver boba fett on a special black card with madalorian skull thing as backround.

most figures are not limited, if anything made more available now more than ever, but shipping now is slow.

popular charators seem to uave the same ammopunt made as not well known ones which actually usually go faster, who hoinestly wanyts repakages or a repaint as much as a figure not made yet?

if you collect, prices will go up on some in time, yes, mostly the ones that are exclusives such as the kb gamorean guard,tys are us mace windu 12", wal mart garbage compactor 2 packs.

also older 12'' figures, especially the marmit 12" that are from japan.
And most of the figures are in his signature picture

Habro has been doing good. They have a fair ammount of a lot of figures. Kenner sometimes made a few less, like the Expanded Universe set.

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