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Originally posted by ZBomber
I don't think anyone has been banned from the things you listed.

The Credits thing was just waiting to be stopped. I knew it wasn't a good idea form the beggining. And so did a lot of others. But the rest of us aren't suffering. We mgiht get an even better mod planted into LF.

About the swearing thing, I guess its ok, as long as both people know they are joking, and no offence is taken. Most people know what the wordd are anyways.

I'm not sure about the Title thing. I think that it was made for a joke for some people, but, once all those points were given out, it got way out of control.

Um... thanks for reading my reply.
I'm with Z on all of these...The points...heh they need to be gone...And for the swearing it isn't too big of an issue as long as no ones else takes it wrongly.

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