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Well...I was under the impression that the retitling function was legal. In the 'harmless prank' category. Otherwise, you would buy someone a new title by giving them credits.

Anyway, if my retitlements have offended anyone, I humbly apoligize. I will not do it again. A full disclosure of my work...

Yufster: Zoom Rabbit wannabe, and later Sharp-tongued lass
Captain Andy: Zoom Rabbit's play toy
RoyTordesLegend: Mommy's little helper
RayJones: Psycho posse clown
Das Mole: I'm confused!
RoguePhotonic: Quarrelsome teddy bear

There. That's what I did...although I was very, very tempted to stick a Republican label on Silent Thunder as promised. As for the whole DJG horsedoodle...

It was retarded. I was a 'DJG' twice. I mean, how funny was everyone being called DJG to begin with? Not very. I'm not upset about it...I just tsk the perpetrators for wasting their opportunity for widespread obfuscation on something as idiotic as 'DJG.' You guys could've done titles that meant something, but what you did was take spamming to a whole new level. Bad form.

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