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Re: Coming clean

Originally posted by Zoom Rabbit
It was retarded. I was a 'DJG' twice. I mean, how funny was everyone being called DJG to begin with? Not very. I'm not upset about it...I just tsk the perpetrators for wasting their opportunity for widespread obfuscation on something as idiotic as 'DJG.' You guys could've done titles that meant something, but what you did was take spamming to a whole new level. Bad form.
Exactly. I practically challenged the perps to "Do thier worst" as long as it wasn't offensive,.. like the first offering I got which had to do with me sucking some bodily orifice I won't name here. Yeah... Real mature.
I can think of a dozen or more ways to describe my online persona that an outsider could've have fun with. Something along the lines of "Pretentious gravy-swilling pinhead" would have been creative, acceptable, and funny enough for me to leave indefinitely.

The problem with the joke (or 'prank' if you prefer) that was executed is that it left the impression that only a very small number of people were in on it, and that everybody else were the targets of derisive laughter. It didn't have a feeling of group inclusion by those executing the joke. It felt like a small number of folks, who have deemed themselves elite, were trying to humiliate everyone else, and THAT'S why quite a few folks didn't find it the least bit funny! Nobody wants to be on the butt-end of an insult by a small cadre of people who wish to act superior to the rest of us (and a few folks in this paticular group of jokers have been pulling an obvious superiority trip over those who happen to like the current points system for a while now,) especially when it feels you are being singled out out of such a massive group of people as we have here.
If anyone else without that history behind them had executed this, the reaction may have been a lot different,.. but more than a few people were already sensitive about comments and actions taken by these pranksters from the week before.
I wasn't around back then, but I remember tales of when Ike changed everyone's status at XWA to "maggot," and himself to "King Of The Flies." There might have been a few people who were bothered by that, but I think most people realized it was just a fun gesture by a friend who just happened to be an Admin.

This last event didn't come across like that at all.

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