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Originally posted by STTCT
Thanks for craping up my thread.
It happens STTCT.....and i know its annoying, and its always the same 3 people just trying to get more posts... anyways ill try to answer some of your questions.

1. To my knoladge most of th epeople that do that are from forums that have few or no admins/ mods in there that care, or are encourageing it.

2. Like the old saying STTCT One bad apple can rune(sp?) the whole basketp Or however it get the point

3. Thats what happened to me, luckily i didnt get in to much trouble for it i remember your Rung founddation idea and so i did it.

When in that option it had even said buy it for someone who can't change their's with a winking smiley?
Thats what I've been trying to tell people (erhm...LeXX) but they (LeXX) kept calling me a ****ing Liar and not to Bull**** them, now you know im right and your wrong .

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