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i have a sense of humor, and i knew it was a joke (or at least a pathetic attempt at one), but giving 80 people (more than that, because some have changed theirs back) that title is absolutely ridiculous. in fact, it was just a big waste of time, and i don't think anybody found it offensive at all, even myself, just highly irritating. what's the point? making everybody's custom title say 'djg' isn't exactly a joke, nor is it really funny in any way at all...

it's just the name of an admin. how this is funny, i have no idea, but anyway... why would you do this? it's a horrible waste of time, just plain annoying, and is taking up everybody else's time as well, because they either have to come here and complain about it or change it back.

maybe it's just me, but this is just a big waste of time that is pointless because it's not really even funny, either.

can somebody explain why anybody thinks this is funny?
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