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Originally posted by Mamba McFly
Thats what I've been trying to tell people (erhm...LeXX) but they (LeXX) kept calling me a ****ing Liar and not to Bull**** them, now you know im right and your wrong .
If your gonna quote an IRC conversation with me, at least do it right. I said "don't talk bull****" and "fking grow up".

To answer your questions STTCT:

1. They aren't. It is against the rules.

2. People are not being punished by the removal of the point system. Some of the features will remain free of charge. It is being replaced by something much better. The point system was a bad idea to begin with and caused nothing but trouble from the start. It has outlived it's life.

3. The wink at the end of the sentence was not an invitation to change peoples titles without their permission. It was a "friendly" wink. In other words, it was indicating that you would be doing someone a kind gesture by donating them a title that they would not otherwise have.

And if anyone else spam's up this thread, or any other thread here for that matter, I'm gonna start banning people. You have been warned. This is the help/feedback center, not an aol chat room.
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