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Yeah, I changed that one back post-haste. I'm just glad I was on when that was attempted, or it might have stayed there all day. (Which is the main reason I placed that disclaimer in my sig, I had to go to work, and it might have been hours before I logged back on, and at that time I had no idea what might have been put there.)
And like I said, that was an isolated incident, and no-doubt retaliation for my own attemping a prank by re-titling one of them.

Although, I find it strange that this joke only goes one way... it sure looked to me like it wasn't found the least bit funny when one of them got re-titled...



But, whatever...

I think this will be my last public post on the subject, ever.

Time to let it die, and make some mental notes in order to prepare for the next time around,.. for no matter WHAT they replace the current point system with, it will have it's detractors and abusers.

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