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K'Warra: Are you thick? Of course I'm going to give him the Cauldron. That was the deal. *to Drago* Obviously you know nothing about gargoyles. We turn to stone when the sun rises to sleep, absorbing the sun's power into ourselves until it sets. When night falls we break apart the stone skin and awaken. This stone skin is what must be used in the Cauldron's potion. However we can also sleep as a human does. It severely weakens us, and if we wait too long we will pass into a coma until the sun rises and we sleep for a day's time. I, however, have enough power that I could go a hundred years without sleeping and be unaffected. A few days makes no difference to me.


Kvana: If you believe the Darkstar has made you a god, then what do you want with us, Taarnt?

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