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Yeah, but if everyone is able to get a sig pic ..

1. from start on .. it will cause much more traffic, beside of all the XXX-pics the newbies will send .. So have fun you admins and mods with handle it then.

2. depended from the posts count, it will cause spams again.
(also for anything that will be available at a number of posts)
So keep on having fun as it is all you admins and mods.

some people cant just let it flow.

everybody's greedy if someone has more points and can do this and this. Yeah. What about wait some time, and the be able to do it too? Crap.

So it isnt the pointsystem.. YOU DAMN PEOPLE IS IT. YOU CANT BEHAVE, i say.

Plus it seems that Admins had almost their 19th nervous breakdown. Because of some one cut some custom titles ..

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