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Two ingame roleplaying Journals

Hi everyone...

I dont like doing shameless advertising, but I thought this might fit in here just perfectly. And seeing as I just joined these forums I might just as well start with what I like doing most.. roleplaying.

My boyfriend and me started two roleplaying journals. We are playing on the Radiant server and will be keeping those journals up to date. Right now its basically character introduction because we are just getting situated. So if anyone wants to drop by and take a look...

We love visitors who enjoy our stories and will make sure to keep everyone entertained who reads them Feel free to hit us up on the Radiant server too!

Here the links...

Ramzies' Journal and Sadjas' Journal.


a good girl

Take a look at our ingame SWG roleplaying journals at The Dreamlab or go directly to Ramzies' or Sadjas' Journal.
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