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Originally posted by leXX
You used that insult in GB, therefore the rule stands.


I don't particularly give a crap what you do any more Shutt. You just carry on insulting people as much as you like. It's up to the admins to deal with mods who break the rules, not me.

Just saying: SOAP, MOUTH, WASH OUT!

Saying 'nerd' to a friend is different from saying idiot (or YOUR IDIOTIC THREAD) to people you never talked to ..

it is the difference between joke with a 'friend' and being RESPECTLESS toward unknown/other persons.

(Carl. I meant you for you know why. But i didnt bothered you.)

ps.. STTCT: this was slightly off topic, but somehow on topic though. i full agree with your argumenting and definitly was not intended to crap your thread with my small comment of human behaviour..


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