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Originally posted by Echuu Shen-Jon
Oh, and James: You can't use your av and sig. The maximum allowed is av: 70x70 and sig image 500x80!
Ahh... Oh well... I'll just cut down my av. (because it is only 5 pixels too big, and there is that much space at the edge) and I will cut down and scale down my sig. image.

Originally posted by .:CoupeS:.
Well i think it's a good thing that the point system is on its way out. I think the [only] reason to get people posting should be to have a good discussion and to bring interesting ideas to a topic. I think it's really stupid to want to be the top poster, simply to be the top poster.... I'd rather have 300 posts but everyone thinking i always bring good points, than having 3000 spammish posts.
I'm not saying that the points system made me want to spam. It made me want to stay on the forums over time. If there was not points system, then more people will probably only stay for a week or so, then leave. The points system gave them a reason to stay.

And also, how will we get a username when the system goes? Will it be free? And what about a custom title?

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