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America has some incredible poverty, if intervention is for humanitarian reasons it should get its own house in order first. There are American people who live in 'filth and dirt' while rich people live around them.

From a certain perspective America is just as bad as any 'evil regime', its detaining people without trial in Guantannamo Bay in breech of their human rights and when people from there are tried its in a military court with no independent judge and jury. Two British citizens are due to be tried in this manner, who on earth is America to try citizens from another country like this? America is by no means whiter than white.

Sometimes intervention, especially from a position of fear and strength is the easy option. Intervention from a position of such overwhelming military strength isnt bravery, its merely a rejection of diplomacy and an assertion of unilateralism. The point Carl made about poverty is still valid since America and other countries seem to have failed to plan for the aftermath of war. Food and sanitation are still lacking, if America was serious about Iraqi poverty they would have put together a much bigger Iraqi aid package. Thats not to say that things wont get better in the long term but the welfare of the Iraqi people was clearly not a motivating factor in the decision of America to go to war.

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