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world health organization.

Roy was sleeping. Andy and Ray grabbed their chance, sneaked in and started to paint Roy black.

.. meanwhile ..

Roy, dreaming he his Roy Black, a famous german folksinger, starts to sing *sings* Mmmmmoooleee i beat you up coz youre just an oolllldddeeee .. bastardooo, like Largooo, stealing my GAAAAAAAAAMEEEEs consense and overrrr the next hence you jump and SEEELLL it as your OOOOOWWWWNN yyyyyyyyuuuunkkkk!!!! *stopps singing* Roy stops singing coz Andy put her slip (and i mean a REAL SEXY ONE -- huuu i could fetish this .. ) into his mouth. Err... however Ray is total greedy and jealously (splel me feral) punches Roy back to his bed.. but that after that he calmed down: "Hey, that wasnt right, poor sleeping Roy. I was awake while she was doing that." .. *smiles satisfied*

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