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RPG: All that im in
Species: Zabrak
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Profesion: Assassin
Description: wears cloak, beard and hair kinda like aragorns
Biografy: father was in imperial army, came home to tell his family to evacuate because the imperials were going to attack. When Sypher returned everyone ws dead, including his father. 5 years later when he turned 30 he decided it was time for the imperial scum to die. Before he was a marksmen for sport, now he is a marksman for survival.
Weapons: 2 pistols on belt and modifyed storm trooper blaster, 2-handed sword on back. 3 thermal detonators at a time.
Armor: under his cloak he wears a thin layer bone armor, a shield generater at belt.
Vehicles: a speeder bike designed for slealth.
Droids: a droid from the battle of naboo programed to distract targets and defense while he is asleep.

Zabrak Assassin
Father murdered by imperials
Enemy of the imperials
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