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Well i can't see it... The problem is i never changed the options in my user cp, and the last time i checked the options concerning the [img] tags, they were turned on, so i figured this was a new policiy or something. But I'll try to see if i cannot make it work properly by myself by playing with my options a little.

As for the design, i would definately like to have the AD design back as matt in his announcments about the battle hack mentions links at the top of this page, and i like to see it by myself.

Thanks again.


well i just tested out a couple of things and i couldn't mange to solve any problem. I cannot even log off this account because the 'log off' button on 'my' lucasforums homepage doesn't seem to work properly. I also created a new account (i couldn't visit the forums as as guest) to see if the problem only concerns my account, and it seems that it does. The normal layout was showing up, but I couldn't test it any further because i changed page, the 'coupes' accounts automatically kicks in...

So can an Admin please look into the problems i'm having and delete the new account I created, the name i used is : testGuy.

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