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Little question on difficulty

Normally I don't really struggle with beating games, but RPGs I usually find that I haven't taken enough time to level up properly and wind up getting my butt whooped when it comes to stronger enemies. (an example would be FF8, I got all the way on the third disc with no upgrades and 2-3 GF...but I digress). This game seems to be....easy.

Maybe it's just the way I "understand" this game, but so far, I haven't had ANY problems with ANY beatable enemy. except that Rancor, he was an interesting 10 minute stare down.

So, I gotta ask, has it been this smooth sailing on everyone? Or did I finally land on a game that just works well with my playing style? I hope I'm not sounding braggish, but I'm getting worried that i'm NOT getting my butt kicked. It's not normal for me and RPGs.
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