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Thumbs down Lamest Job ! ever !

Tell me if your job/part time job sucks more than mine :

I work a small clothing industry. I do pretty much what they tell me to do : Take rolls of fabrics, bring them to the long table and take off the bag. After repeating this process a few times, the dude starts cutting the X number of layers of fabric into various pieces (sleeves, front, back, collar so on. . .) I then tie the pieces together with this long pieces of fabric from previous cuts. I put every piece on a buggy, and put them in the truck of the guy who comes to pick them up. My job also includes : making boxes (for packing), emptying the trash (heavy!!), counting clothes, cleaning up with a broom. Work hours : 8 to 5/ 5 days a week, when business is average and 8 to 6/6 days a week when its busy!

I only work during the summer since im still in school, but 2 months and a half are more than enough for me ! There ! Can you beat that? I dont think so !

Its how do you say ?
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